38mm Sample Pump

Our patented fluid analysis sample pump allows the user to extract a variety of fluids into a sample bottle. Unlike our competitors, our vacuum pumps were specifically designed to take samples from pressurized (Live) and non-pressurized compartments. Each pump is equipped with a standard 38-400mm neck for use with a 38mm neck bottle. Pumps include our custom molded carrying case to keep your vacuum pump clean and safe during your travels.

  • Capable of drawing 27 inches of Hg (Mercury)
  • 38-400mm neck fits standard 38mm bottles
  • Multiple compartment sampling without cross contamination
  • Uses 3/16″ to 5/16″ Tubing
  • Red, Yellow, Blue and Black pumps Available
  • Take samples from pressurized or non-pressurized compartments

Type: Pumps

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